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Interactive Display Installation Begins

Victoria ISD has purchased 438 ViewSonic ViewBoards and has started the installation process.

The interactive flat panel displays offer outstanding teaching and learning benefits for any K-12 classroom or subject, giving multiple students the ability to interact with course content simultaneously. The appeal, accessibility, and functionality of the display’s 65 inch screen will bring added creativity, depth, collaboration, fun and learning to the classroom.

“The giant tablet-like functionality helps boost attention, enthusiasm, and engagement, which can reduce discipline and classroom management struggles,” explained Linda Dueser, VISD’s instructional technology coordinator. “Familiar touchscreens make it easy to use for both students and instructors.”

Features designed for education lets users write, highlight, and edit on top of any content. Content can be recorded and saved for absent students, test review, or flipped learning. Along with the ability to import virtually any type of document or media file, integrated subject-specific templates, customizable backgrounds, and tools for creating mind maps, quizzes, and more assist teachers with content development.

The ViewBoards will be installed on all campuses across the district. Installation is expected to be completed by early January 2021.