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VISD Implements New System to Improve Student Safety Online

It might sound like a funny name, but it’s a serious new tool to help Victoria ISD ensure the well-being of students online. VISD is implementing Gaggle, a security management system to help protect students who are using district resources to communicate electronically.

Since the onset of the pandemic, VISD has a large number of students who are learning virtually.   These students use email, chat rooms, and video chats as part of their learning experience to communicate with other students and their teachers. Gaggle is designed to review the content of students’ communications and report back to the district any communications which appear to be inappropriate or indicate a student might be considering unsafe conduct either impacting them self or others.

“As public schools across the nation have been forced into virtual education due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these types of safety management systems are widely utilized to protect students,” explained Technology Director Greg Dandio. “Content is reviewed via Artificial Intelligence and any content which does not meet specific criteria is never seen by a human reviewer.“

Gaggle was chosen as the preferred platform for this additional security measure because it best aligns with the technologies VISD is currently using to support virtual learning. While no system is 100% guaranteed, Gaggle will significantly improve student safety at VISD and ensure that school leaders are made aware of any concerns.