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Campus Spelling Bees Will be Held with Additional Guidelines in Place

Several elementary campuses in Victoria ISD will continue to hold a campus-wide spelling bee. However, this year additional COVID-19 mitigation measures will be in place.

The guidelines in place for VISD campuses include:

  • Parents/Guests will not be allowed to observe;
  • Judges and pronouncers must be VISD staff;
  • Judges and the pronouncer all need to be at least six feet apart and facing the same direction;
  • Student competitors will wear a mask and may remove the mask during their turn to spell;
  • Student competitors must maintain six feet social distancing and face the same direction while waiting their turn;
  • If a microphone is utilized, a staff member will disinfect the microphone after each use;
  • A seating/standing chart for all students and judges will be created in the event contact tracing has to be done.

Eleven of VISD’s 14 elementary schools have scheduled a spelling bee. The campus spelling bees are held in December and January, ahead of the Victoria County Spelling Bee on February 4, 2021.