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Shields Elementary School Receives Grant for Classroom Technology

Shields Elementary School is the recipient of a $40,723.80 grant from Dow Chemical. The grant will provide 115 iPads and Otterboxes for the campus.

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to help Shields Elementary with this grant,” said Whitney Bolger, public affairs manager at Dow Seadrift Operations. “Dow is committed to strengthening the workforce of tomorrow and it’s imperative that we help our students keep up with their school work during the pandemic.”

Dow has committed $3 million to help fund COVID-19 relief efforts globally, to provide immediate support to those impacted the most by the pandemic. Dow provided a grant to Victoria ISD specifically to help Shields Elementary with its technology needs during the COVID pandemic.

“It is truly a blessing to have this partnership with Dow. At the time the grant was written, I was asked what is something that our campus needed. My original thought was to dream big on what could have the greatest impact on our students. We did not have any student iPads in the classroom for Kindergarten through 5th-grade students,” explained Shields Elementary Principal Kelly Gabrysch. “This will help tremendously because our students have fallen behind since there was a loss of instruction during the last quarter of the school year due to the pandemic.  It will also allow us to have more technology available for remote instruction if needed in the future.”

The grant will provide five iPads per classroom, allowing students to use researched-based computer programs during math and reading stations.